The Laughter Foundation was founded in 2010 by stand-up comedian and television producer Steven Alan Green to support people in the business of laughter and to help bring laughter to the ones who need it the most.

Please note: The Laughter Foundation is currently in inactive status.  We are currently not accepting any applications for grants and no longer accepting donations.  We apologize we cannot serve the comedy community at this time.  We want to thank all the volunteers and donors.  Hopefully, one day, we’ll be back!  In the mean time, don’t forget to laugh and know that we care about comedians, even though we are not operating at this time.

Thank you,

Steven Alan Green, President and Founder

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Donate As a gesture of our thanks, for every $50 you donate, you will receive two tickets to the next upcoming benefit in San Francisco (limit four tickets per person). If you are not able to attend the benefit, we offer a variety of perks, including comedy CDs, T-shirts and other items. Check the website for updates and thanks again for supporting The Laughter Foundation.


The Laughter Foundation is looking for: comedians to perform “clean” comedy, career counselors…
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  • Wait for it…

    Big important announcement coming soon!… …in the mean time, keep laughing!

The Laughter Foundation was born of the idea that professional stand-up comedians are an important part of our modern culture and that comedy (the product they create) and laughter (the byproduct) are crucial to society’s health, well-being and indeed survival.

The Laughter Foundation has a variety of working programs providing emergency help, healthcare, career-building tools and support, and job finding services to professional stand-up comedians. The foundation’s community outreach programs bring laughter to elderly, hospices and others who need it the most – because laughter is truly the best medicine.

The Laughter Foundation’s big dream (and long term project) is a fully fledged world-class museum to study and exhibit the art, history and science of comedy. Imagine it: It’s a bright beautiful day in San Francisco (okay, the fog has lifted for 20 seconds). You and your family decide to visit The Comedy Museum. Mom and Dad enjoy exhibits and a wonderful multimedia retrospective of their favorite comedians, while learning about comedy history, as the kids enjoy kids comedy from the past like Howdy Doody or Soupy Sales.

The Laughter Foundation is funded by donations from the community at large, the comedy community, celebrity donors, as well as by proceeds from the fundraising comedy events.