To donate (currently non-tax deductible):

We keep a very good record of those who help us out and have you on our “Friends of Comedy for Life List”. We can publicly promise you that when there’s a benefit comedy event for the Foundation, you will receive a free ticket, and (depending on the situation), a backstage V.I.P. pass, so that you too can meet your comedy heroes first-hand. We never forget our friends, especially those of you who have been there from the beginning. Thank you for your support – your generosity goes a long way. It doesn’t just “keep our lights on,” it reignites our resolve. Your help keeps us going.

Our two “official accomplishments” are helping comediennes Aubrey Kapree and Suzanne Whang. All other help has been off the books; meals and beds personally provided by Laughter Foundation founder and president Steven Alan Green to comedians he knew.

Any donations received today are both greatly appreciated and non-tax-deductible. Special note: Any pre-501 donations over $25 will receive an in-kind gift or benefit in the future, once we do become official.