soldier-battleThe Laughter Foundation is proud to announce that due to the phenomenal success of last month’s “East Bay Stand-Down” comedy show (a.k.a. “Homeless Heroes” comedy show for Homeless Veterans) we will be producing more stand-up comedy shows for more homeless veterans and other great causes outside of “the comedy world”.

This year’s participating comedians included Kurt Weitzmann, Demar Randy, Danny Dechi, Jim Coughlin, and was hosted by Laughter Foundation president, comedian Steven Alan Green. Each performer graciously donated their time and comedy craft for the September 17, 2016 event, which took place in Northern California at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

The incredibly positive response from the audience of war veterans was simply overwhelming, as well as literally inspiring for the comedians themselves.  According to EBSD organizer Peter Baird, each comedian delivered inspired performances; and according to the comedians themselves, they were each impacted very deeply, very personally, as each comedian commented after that it was the most rewarding and powerful gig they’d ever performed, because they never felt more honored to provide laughter to such a deserving audience.

Said Steven Alan Green:

At first, I just wasn’t connecting with them.  It was a long drive up from L.A. and I just couldn’t feel confident enough in my ‘city act’.  I started to immediately feel frustrated, even to the point of feeling like the proverbial comedy loser.  Then.  I looked out into the faces in the crowd.  Men and woman who not only went around the world to keep America safe (and risking their lives and limbs to do so), but in fact to protect the First Amendment, the very flag of freedom comedians like myself so freely glide on.  I then switched up to talking dog jokes and got them back.”

To build on this incredible sudden momentum, the Laughter Foundation’s is creating the “Comedy for Charity” Outreach Program to offer the gift of laughter to not only other U.S. Veterans groups but bring much needed happiness to other worthy causes outside the comedy world.  People who not only need laughter the most, but deserve it the most.   The cops, the firemen, nurses, the “forces” who not only keep America safe, but in fact provide lifesaving services to us all; and at great mental and physical costs to themselves.  If you know, or are affiliated with, an organization in your local area, who you think would benefit from the program, please contact us at Stay tuned to this website to find out more about the Comedy for Charity program as it develops.

Ending this great news flash, everyone here at The Laughter Foundation officially extends its sincere heart-felt thanks to East Bay Stand-Down’s Peter B. Baird, and all the wonderful staff, and of course to the veterans themselves.

Thank you, brave veterans for inviting us into your very sacred and safe brother and sisterhood clubhouse.  We salute you! (then make you laugh!)

Until next time,

Unofficial Private First Class Clown Steven Alan Green and The Laughter Foundation Director