Great news: We are official & Indiegogo’d – no joke!

The Laughter Foundation is now officially incorporated, and the 501(c)3 application is on the way too. Really. No joke.

We’ve also created an Indiegogo campaign to help cover the incorporation and other related expenses, as well as launch our first fundraisers, inreach and outreach programs.

Check it out for some amazing perks:

  • -Voicemail message created especially for you by a professional comedian and voice-over artist
  • -Custom joke or a brilliant and funny speech for your next corporate event (or that divorce party)
  • -Become a comedian – a complete career makeover
  • -Even have your ass memorialized forever!

… and many, many more.

Please help spread the word about the campaign by sharing this link with your friends (or strangers), and don’t forget to laugh today!

Official Press Release

“Suicidal Comedian Comes Back to Life with The Laughter Foundation”

 Support The Laughter Foundation’s “Comedy Triage” IndieGoGo Campaign

San Francisco, California – The Laughter Foundation announces the launch of their “Comedy Triage” campaign today on Indiegogo.

After reaching the pinnacles of success in the UK with his “farewell performance” routine, American stand-up comedian says “farewell” for real.  Out of the ashes, Steven Alan Green creates The Laughter Foundation (a non-profit)  providing a cash cart for comedy and professional comedians on Indiegogo, where the public can donate funds to support three strategic goals:

The Heckler Fund: Imagine yourself a struggling stand-up comedian, doing free gigs, on the brink of that all-elusive “Big Break”. Your rent is dangerously overdue and you can’t rustle up help from friends or relatives. Or imagine, after years on the road, you can’t scrape together the funds for medication to control your life-endangering diabetes. Now imagine an immediate emergency grant, there to help you through your toughest times. It’s not just the money; it’s the endorsement. (Okay, it’s the money too.)

The Art, History & Science of Comedy: Imagine yourself transported back to 1959 to the Hungry Eye in San Francisco, catching one of the earliest performances of comedy legend Lenny Bruce. Or walking through an exhibition illuminating the dark side of comedy, examining joke subjects ranging from Adolf Hitler to Jeffrey Dahmer. This is The Comedy Museum. Not a virtual museum or an annual “Hall of Fame,” this is a world-class permanent building saluting the accomplishments and examining the art and science of the comedy greats from all time, located in the heart of the city that invented stand-up comedy, San Francisco.

Spreading the Comedy Word: Now, imagine a group who brings comedy and smiling faces to the lonely, the aged and the socially disenfranchised. Comedy Flash Mobs released on an unsuspecting, and very deserving public.

The Laughter Foundation, a new charity set up to help comedians, comedy and “the real world”, has already saved one comedian from eviction, provided cancer meds for another and helped numerous others with meals and beds. It produced four charity benefits in Los Angeles and giant benefits in the Bay Area and at The Hollywood Bowl are currently in the works.

Steven Alan Green is the founder and president of The Laughter Foundation. He is a stand-up comedian and producer, whose beginnings at The Comedy Store in Hollywood in the 80’s led him to London, England, where his “farewell performance” routine (every show is “his last”) brought him long awaited fame and recognition.  Seeing a connection between comedy and addictions, Steven created an international comedy benefit for a drug and alcohol charity launched by Princess Diana. “High On Laughter” premiered at the 2,000 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, featuring such comedy luminaries as Zach Galifiniakis and George Wendt. Two years and as many galas later, High On Laughter III took place at the legendary London Palladium, where the comedy and fundraising was overshadowed by the very dramatic backstage “collapse” of comedy icon Jerry Lewis  (who came to London to receive a lifetime achievement award from Steven), making international news; Steven had to return to the Palladium stage and make a very dramatic announcement. BBC NEWS:

Steven lost a bundle on his investment in his childhood idol, eventually losing his home (which he leveraged to produce the show), driving him into clinical depression, homelessness and suicidal thoughts.  Steven (who lived in the UK for 20 years and had National Health Insurance) suddenly and dramatically found his life literally at stake when he couldn’t find a therapist in Hollywood because, unlike when he lived in the UK, Steven had no health care in America. Turning his personal tragedy into a strength, Steven created The Laughter Foundation as an entity to provide financial and spiritual support for comedians who suddenly find themselves in difficult financial binds or even life-threatening situations; a vehicle to honor, exhibit and study the art of comedy through the Comedy Museum; and a healing force aimed to aid and ease the lives of “the everyday Joe” who need comedy the most.

Steven is a San Francisco based stand-up comedian, writes a blog about stand-up comedy for The Jewish Journal online, hosts a popular podcast Stage Time With Steven Alan Green, and keeps on leading and inspiring The Laughter Foundation comedy ambassadors and volunteers in their mission to “save the world one laugh at the time”.

The “Support The Laughter Foundation” Indiegogo campaign is to pay for start-up costs, production money for fundraising benefits and comedy outreach, “The Heckler Fund” and “Comedy Grants”.  Bring the money; we bring the funny…

PRESS CONTACT: Steven Alan Green @ and (310) 774-2450