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volunteer-squareThank you for your interest in volunteering for The Laughter Foundation!

Currently, we are looking for:

A social media guru.

Street-campaigners to distribute flyers and comedy tickets, as well as fund-raise.
(*Fundraisers are paid on a commission basis.)

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Comedy Outreach

In addition to helping support comedians and honor comedy with The Comedy Museum, The Laughter Foundation reaches out to the rest of the world.   From comedy shows in hospitals, old age homes, even prisons, everyone can benefit from the… Continue reading

Who We Are

The Laughter Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (in the making) set up to provide health care to comedians, emergency financial grants, and a world-class comedy museum. Board members include well-established stand-up comedians. Informal first “Chair-Momma” of The Laughter… Continue reading

The Comedy Museum

A-COMEC-logo-transparentThe Laughter Foundation’s other big dream (next to Health Care for Comedians) is a fully fledged world-class museum to study and exhibit the art, history and science of comedy; a real glass, marble and steel museum. Comedy is an art… Continue reading

The Heckler Fund

As in comedy, in life, everything is timing. A struggling stand-up comedian, who works every night making them laugh, but not making enough money to pay his or her rent, may find themself trapped with an important bill they simply… Continue reading


To donate (currently non-tax deductible):

We keep a very good record of those who help us out and have you on our “Friends of Comedy for Life List”. We can publicly promise you that when there’s a benefit comedy event… Continue reading