In addition to helping support comedians and honor comedy with The Comedy Museum, The Laughter Foundation reaches out to the rest of the world.   From comedy shows in hospitals, old age homes, even prisons, everyone can benefit from the spiritual and physical aspects of laughter.   Our Comedy Outreach program will include special workshops for disenfranchised teenagers in the inner-city who could maybe pick-up a punch-line rather than a gun or a drug.  These are very real boots on the ground programs, utilizing comedy and putting comedians to work to better society.  These programs can and do have positive effects on the “serious world” at large, so it’s to everyone’s benefit.

The Laughter Foundation vows to always carry the comedy torch beyond our own comedy borders, beyond the comedy clubs and into the dark and dangerous regions of the real and serious world, where laughter is needed the most.

  • Our program to bring laughter to seniors is just about ready to launch! By the end of April 2014 (and that’s no joke!), first Comedy Ambassadors will be arriving to senior homes in the Bay Area. If you’d like to see a clean, funny and caring comedy show in a senior home or hospice you know of, please contact Director of Outreach, Danny Dechi.