The Laughter Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (in the making) set up to provide health care to comedians, emergency financial grants, and a world-class comedy museum. Board members include well-established stand-up comedians. Informal first “Chair-Momma” of The Laughter Foundation is comedian Roseanne Barr. Day to day of the foundation is run by comedian and television producer Steven Alan Green.

Established in 2010 in Los Angeles, The Laughter Foundation has produced several fundraising benefits, each one aimed at helping a specific comedian in need. In 2012, The Laughter Foundation’s Headquarters was moved from Hollywood to the birthplace of American stand-up comedy, San Francisco.

Steven’s comedy & producing background is working with many big name British and American comedians, including: Zach Galifianakis, George Went, Paul Provenza, Rick Overton, Jim Gaffigan, Emo Philips, Mark Thomas, Bobcat Goldthwait and comedy icon Jerry Lewis.

Steven Alan Green is the creator and producer of High On Laughter, a comedy charity show benefiting Turning Point Scotland a drug and alcohol charity launched by the late Princess Diana.   High On Laughter’s I & II took place at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, featuring “Cheers” Norm, Mr. George Wendt, Emo Philips and a new comedian, Zach Galifianakis.

High On Laughter III took place at legendary The London Palladium, featuring great comedians from America and the UK, including Emo Philips, Zach Galifianakis, Rick Overton, Paul Provenza, Jim Gaffigan, Bobcat Goldthwait, Boothby Graffoe, Ronnie Golden, Earl Okin, Shelagh Martin, Steven Alan Green and comedy legend Jerry Lewis.  HOL III was broadcast on Bravo UK.

Original “What is High On Laughter” promo video.

Presently, The Laughter Foundation is made up of an informal group of volunteers and experts spanning knowledge and experience in the worlds of philanthropy, museum building and comedy.

Great things are happening with The Laughter Foundation, including plans for a giant comedy benefit show to be announced in the near future.  While we await our 501 status, we’re rebuilding the board, including our Board of Advisors.  These are proven and influential movers and shakers in the comedy business and entertainment world.  We welcome them and thank each and everyone of them for their belief in our dream.
Thank you,
Steven Alan Green

The Laughter Foundation Board of Directors:

Steven Alan Green: President, CEO and Founder – Drafted at an early age as a child actor, Steven grew up in and around the entertainment arts. A singer/songwriter, who switched to stand-up comedy, Steven was one of the house emcees & “Paid Regulars” at The Comedy Store in its heyday and wrote for many comedians, including Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Walker. His famed “farewell performance” (every show his last) took him across the pond in the early Nineties to London, England, where he found true appreciation for his comedy craft and dark sense of humor. Steven hosted “South Park Weekend” on Comedy Central UK, wrote and directed the comedy zombie short “Little Things” and created and produced three annual comedy galas for a drug and alcohol charity launched by Princes Diana. “High On Laughter” ran for 3 successive years, starting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a spectacular international headline-grabbing extravaganza at the legendary London Palladium, when comedy legend Jerry Lewis “collapsed” backstage, making international news. High On Laughter III was partially broadcast on Bravo UK and Steven’s subsequent highly regarded one-man show “I Eat People Like YOU for Breakfast!” made its world-premier at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003. Steven continues to perform stand-up comedy and is a favorite on many story-telling circuits, as he chronicles his life and career(s) and reviews live stand-up comedy and theatre in his blog “Enjoy the Veal” for The Jewish Journal online.

Ernesto Magallanez: Treasurer – A career banker and small business advocate, Ernesto worked for Bank of America as an Account Manager and Escalations Specialist. He’s a partner with a successful online store, and since 2013, Ernesto has been a Customer Service and Sales Representative and since 2014, a Premier Banker at Wells Fargo. Ernesto specializes in small business growth and was nominated for Wells at Work Program Manager. Mr. Magallanez’s responsibilities to The Laughter Foundation are to make sure every penny donated is put to the best, proper and ethical use. He’s a good man with a great financial mind, who happens to be a big comedy fan to boot!

The Laughter Foundation Board of Advisors:

CARL GOTTLIEB – Screenwriter of Jaws and co-writer with Steve Martin of The Jerk.  Carl was instrumental in the early San Francisco politically charged improv scene as a member of The Committee and went on to translate those comedy ideals into ground-breaking TV shows such as The Smothers Brothers and The Flip Wilson specials. Mr. Gottlieb served twice as Vice President of the Writers Guild of America and Secretary Treasurer of The Writers Guild West.

JEFF PENN – Jeff is an east-coast live comedy event producer and has worked with nearly every top stand-up and important comedy productions.

JAMES GILLETTE – James (a former stand-up) runs a very successful nationwide audience seating business and is well connected (not in that way!) in Las Vegas, where The Comedy Museum will be built.

MARGARET CHO – Modern iconic stand-up comedian, actress and fashion designer.  Star of the ABC television series “All American Girl,” Margaret is also a social activist supporting the homeless, LGTB and other worthy causes.

EDDIE BRILL – Eddie, a well-respected stand-up comedian in the vein of George Carlin, was the stand-up booker at Letterman for 12 years. Eddie  is the creative director of The Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk, Nebraska, Johnny Carson’s home town.

CRAIG TENNIS – Talent coordinator for The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (1969-1974), The Emmy Awards talent executive, author of “Johnny Tonight!”.

WILLIAM VU – Laughter Foundation Legal Affairs – Former Vice President Business Affairs National Lampoon, William provided Hollywood business and legal advice regarding film production, acquisitions, distribution, websites and book publishing. he was Business and Legal Affairs Consultant for Maker Studios Inc. and US Armenia TV, as well as production attorney for numerous international and domestic digital programs and formats, including consulting on legal and business affairs for large MCN focused on YouTube and social media programming. The breadth of William’s experience includes production attorney for numerous international and domestic digital programs and formats and providing advice, draft and negotiate agreements, including branded entertainment, social media programming and digital distribution. He brings to the comedy table advice, draft and negotiate agreements, including series production, advertising, social media, FCC licensing and insurance.

JOSEPH SPIERER, Architect – A California licensed architect, Joseph Spierer received his training at the University of Arizona, College of Architecture & Landscape Architecture. Joseph approaches each project thoughtfully and creatively, drawing on his expertise in single & multi-family residential and commercial architecture. Joe, a specialist in public property design, will be a leader in building The Great Wall of Comedy and eventually The Comedy Museum itself.

DONALD TRUMP – (hasn’t returned my emails or phone calls)