The World is in big trouble these days (folks) and one of the overlooked “natural powers” we all share is the Power of Laughter. The Laughter Foundation was born of the idea that professional stand-up comedians are a very important part of our modern culture and society, and that comedy (the product they create) and laughter (the byproduct) are crucial to society’s survival at large. The ability to laugh is the magical ability to see life at new angles, thus lightening the mood of any bad situation or negative perspective. The talent to make others laugh is something we all share. The ability to make large groups of anonymous people laugh is a talent strictly reserved for those dedicated to the art of professional stand-up comedy. Stand-up comedians literally devote their lives to the noble cause of making everyone else laugh. They have no choice in the matter. Like any dedicated dreamer or visionary, it is their life’s calling.

Laughter is an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual experience, a natural release which helps reset our troubled minds, reminding us of the ever important mantra: To never take life too seriously. Comedy influences our way of thinking: A modern-day philosophical template for survival and human evolution. The Laughter Foundation was created to spiritually and financially support professional comedians on all levels (the famous and the not-yet-famous); thereby supporting Comedy (with a capital C), the ideals of Comedy, and most importantly, spreading a continuous “Laughing Perspective” throughout the world. With our 501(c)3 status coming soon, The Laughter Foundation is a functioning concept waiting to be turned into a continuing and growing reality.

The Laughter Foundation was born out of a life-changing epiphany experienced by Steven Alan Green, an American stand-up comedian who lived and worked in England for nearly twenty years. Over there, Steven saw how comedy was treated as a true art-form, comedians as brilliant artists, and laughter as a true national treasure. It’s not simply about careers in the comedy profession; it’s about the continuous gift of laughter that comedians provide to the world.