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The Great Comedy Wall will be literally a brick wall memorial to all the great comedians in the world, but also a thank you to all comedy fans. The wall will be made up of bricks with donors’ names on them. Anyone can “buy a brick”. Local businesses, start-ups, national and international corporations and even celebrities can buy bricks. And not just one brick. Buy a hundred and then have 100 times the “real estate space” on the wall for your client or company.

Bricks sell for $100/each for anybody, any comedy fan.

Special “Comedy Legend” bricks sell for $500 each. These are designed for names recognized within the comedy industry.¬†Legendary comedians who have influenced us comedians.

“Comedy Superstar” bricks sell for $1,000 each and are for household name comedians. Comics everyone knows. The Great Comedy Wall is like real estate. The eye-level bricks in the center of the wall will be more expensive and will be embossed in gold-leaf lettering.

(Special discounts apply and will be on offer during online campaigns.)

The Great Comedy Wall will be situated in downtown Las Vegas and available for viewing once built. If more money is raised than needed to build the wall, secure a location and other logistics, the extra money will be forwarded to COMEC. The Comedy Museum Exploratory Committee. This is a team of experts in comedy and museum building to build a world-class museum to study and exhibit the art, history and science of comedy. The first of its kind. Literally a world first. There are “hall of fames”, but believe it or not no Comedy Museum. We’re talking about a projected $50 million museum project.

The Great Comedy Wall will be built on a special invisible metal frame, so that eventually, when the Comedy Museum is built, all the bricks will be carefully removed and affixed permanently to the facade of the museum. Every person and business and celebrity who buys a brick will have their name permanently on the outside wall of the museum.

The Comedy Museum is a for-profit money-making business. The Laughter Foundation will be an official 501(c)3 non-profit. Non-profits often own profit-making subsidiaries as a way of keeping the lights on and business going. But, make no mistake. The Comedy Museum will be a top Las Vegas tourist attraction.


Thanks for believing in the need and the possibility for The Comedy Museum.

Steven Alan Green

CEO and Founder of The Laughter Foundation