The Great Comedy Wall

Lue Deck

Ollie Joe Prater

Tamsin Hollo

Joel Madison

Carl Gottlieb

Chris Ross

Rudy Reber

Art Smart

Liz Leshin

The Firesign Theatre

Proctor and Bergman

Brian “Tag” Sontag

David Erik Finn

Drew Ercolono

Gary Kroeger

Jill Kimmel

Jerry Lewis

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Great things are happening!

Great things are happening with The Laughter Foundation, including plans for a giant comedy benefit show to be announced in the near future.  While we await our 501 status, we’re rebuilding the board, including our Board of Advisors.  These are proven and influential movers and shakers in the comedy business and entertainment world.  We welcome them and thank each and everyone of them for their belief in our dream.

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Great news: We are official & Indiegogo’d – no joke!

The Laughter Foundation is now officially incorporated, and the 501(c)3 application is on the way too. Really. No joke. We've also created an IndieGoGo campaign to help cover the incorporation and other related expenses, as well as launch our first fundraisers, inreach and outreach programs. Check it out for some amazing perks! Continue reading

Artists Grants

Artists Grants Program makes it possible to bring to life the new, funny, and, above all, inspired creations by making micro-grants to comedians with a vision and a plan.

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Thank you for helping The Laughter Foundation! We love you too, and that’s why we’re offering these fabulous perks. Please note that any donations received through these buttons are not tax-deductible. We’ll receive 100% of these donations. (For… Continue reading