A very busy popular radio personality, comedy writer, actor, singer-songwriter, voice-over artist, film producer, director, novelist, screenwriter, story-teller, stand-up comedian, blogger and developmental book editor, Steven Alan Green does it all. His writing clients include: The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno, The Arsenio Hall Show, Jimmie “JJ” Walker and stand-up comedian and former political candidate Roseanne Barr. Steven currently collaborates with a wide range of Hollywood film and television producers, including Julian Krainin (Oscar, Emmy, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner) on a biographical film of his life as a stand-up comedian and his historic and hysterical life-altering experience with comedy legend Jerry Lewis; and is in early stages of developing an animated TV series. Steven edits manuscripts and eBooks.

Steven created and produced the “High On Laughter” series of live stand-up comedy shows benefiting a charity launched by Princess Diana, which was filmed at the London Palladium and broadcast on Bravo UK. “I Eat People Like You for Breakfast!” is the subsequent highly acclaimed one-man show born out of the events of September 8, 2002, when HOL III’s star comedian, Jerry Lewis (who befriended Steven) suddenly and dramatically collapsed just off stage as he was about to accept The Jerry Lewis Award from Steven; an event which was broadcast around the world in an AP press release. “Breakfast” was a hit in the UK. Steven wrote and directed the short film, “Little Things,” a comedy film about a bomb disposal agent with extreme OCD and which won the prestigious Mortimer Award in 2007 for “most innovative use of a cat-actor”. Steven was Managing Director and President of Pandelic Films, developing UK quality films specializing for the American market. 60-second trailer for “Little Things”.

Steven’s hosted the South Park Weekend in 2007 on the Paramount Comedy Channel (Comedy Central UK), portraying an American televangelist, his latest acting role portraying the fictional comedian “Archie Black” in the lead role of a mockumentary by filmmaker Dave Sirus. Steven is a professional voice-over actor, whose national film trailers, commercial narration and comedy characters have been heard around the world; including “The Voice of Garmin Navigation,” national film trailers and TV Commercials. His popular review blog about live stand-up comedy, “Enjoy the Veal,” can be found at The Jewish Journal online and he can be heard weekly, Monday’s @ 10am PST on FCCfreeradio with his own popular podcast, “Stage Time With Steven Alan Green.”

Steven is founder and president of The Laughter Foundation, a new charitable organization set up to help professional stand-up comedians acquire health care and to establish a world-class comedy museum.


“Steven Alan Green is ONE funny writer —- Everything I read of yours makes me laugh and think – Not just the kind words about me…But the insights you have for the Comedy racket….You’re Barbara Hershey, we are beaches.” – Taylor Negron, actor, comedian, modern-day icon.

“SAG is a maven of comedy. He makes stream of consciousness look easy. He makes belligerence fun. He makes taking comedy seriously lighthearted. He makes me laugh.” — Beth Lapides; creator and producer of Uncabaret (and Sex Goddess, IMHO)

“Steven Alan Green possesses the kind of writing that reminds you of when better writers were in the fore. He has a twist to the twist of phrase, that is his own. I am a big fan of his words.” — Rick Overton, comedian & actor, HBO and Soderbergh’s, “The Informant”.

“Brilliant review of Ms. Karam’s tour de force, sir.” – Bill Zehme, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Rolling Stone contributor and writer of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Living.”

“Enjoy the Veal is absolutely inspired stream of consciousness! Hysterical, funny, biting, insightful, grandiose. A surreptitiously diplomatic narrative smart enough to sanely and ultimately further his own self-interests. Green is a brilliant, but fatefully undisciplined comic genius, grabbing the baton, (i.e. QWERTY keyboard in this case) from the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Norman Mailer (Think “Fire on the Moon”). Even if you don’t follow it all, it’s a wonderful runaway train ride consisting of his painful life experiences, his attitudes, observations and especially his misgivings. Kudos and hosannas!! About THAT, there are no misgivings on our part!”
— Danny & Joe, somewhere in England

“Steven took my unpublished manuscript – one that had literally been sitting on the mantel since before I got married, and turned it into a final eBook, which went onto sell over 125,000 copies worldwide and got recommended for several book festivals! I strongly recommend Steven Alan Green if you have a long forgotten book or even a new book idea. He’s quick and very fun to work with. Love you, Steven!”
– Client #541

“The consummate American entertainer,” The List, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1999.

“Steven Alan Green is terrific as a hobo of-all-trades,” (Tattered Tales @ the Olio Theatre)
– Drama Logue, Hollywood.

“Steven Alan Green always makes me laugh ‘till I collapse!”
— Comedy legend Jerry Lewis.

“Steven Alan Green is absolutely BRILLIANT!!”
– Julian Krainin, Oscar winning film producer.

FILM & TV WRITING REPRESENTATION: Noah Jones @ The Gersh Agency in Hollywood. (310) 205-5836. {Note: Please only contact Gersh if you represent a fully funded film or television production.} (310) 774-2450