Donations are now tax deductible as well as delicious!

The Laughter Foundation is very pleased and proud to announce partnership with The Bazaar Foundation for the Arts. The BFA has been at the forefront of supporting local San Francisco visual and performance arts and music, and they have agreed to become The Laughter Foundation’s temporary “Fiscal Sponsor”.

This means the Bazaar Foundation for the Arts will legally process all donations made to The Laughter Foundation, making it possible for you to donate immediately, while still receiving the tax credit all donors deserve! In the mean time, we have begun the process of filing for our own 501(c)3 status and expect to be a fully kosher non-profit foundation by early next year.


To donate to The Laughter Foundation, you would make a donation to Bazaar Foundation for the Arts and designate the funds for The Laughter Foundation. Easy AND tax deductible!

All of us at The Laughter Foundation want to thank Les and Makiko at The Bazaar Foundation for the Arts for sharing our vision for a better and funnier world.